754 Hopmeadow Street, Eno Memorial Hall, lower level.

We are open: Monday-Friday from 9:30 to 5:30
and Tuesday evenings by appointment

(860) 658-1720

The SCTV Facility

Simsbury Community Television offers free training to Simsbury residents to produce original programs or to record local events for airing on the Public channel and on our website. Learn how to operate a camera and volunteer to help provide government meetings to the community.

The studio, located in the lower level of Eno Memorial Hall, is available to produce programs during regular office hours. The studio equipment consists of multiple cameras, a digital video switcher, an eight channel audio mixer and offers multiple recording formats. Programs produced in the studio are recorded "live on tape", edited with graphics and music and aired on the Public channel and on-demand on the website.

In addition to our studio setup, trained volunteers are welcome to use field equipment to videotape meetings, activities, or events that can't be brought into the studio. Camcorders, lighting, a variety of microphones, tripods and other tools are available to check out to trained volunteers.

Town Hall

SCTV also maintains a permanent field production studio at the Town Hall that delivers live coverage of Board and Commission meetings on the Government Channel. The meetings are also recorded and rebroadcast on our Government Channel. The production studio consists of 3 robotic cameras in both the Main Meeting Room and the Board of Education Meeting room and is configured for one or two people to run all the equipment - cameras, switcher, graphics, audio, etc.

High School

Simsbury High School has the ability to cablecast Live for special Town meetings, graduation or other events that are staged in the auditorium.


Final Cut Pro 7 and Final Cut Pro X as well as Adobe Premier are available in the nonlinear editing suites. Add music, voice-over, pictures, etc to polish your finished production.


Motion offers true film-quality output, GPU accelerated performance, and an astounding toolset. Now you can create advanced motion graphics with drag-and-drop ease, startling clarity, and unprecedented color fidelity -- all in real time.

The staff and volunteers of SCTV are here to provide training and assistance to qualified persons interested in producing a program. If you have an interest, bit of news, a talent or a story to tell that you'd like to share with the citizens of Simsbury on our channels, we can train you to operate a camera, edit, direct, or become involved in television production in a way that suits your needs and interests

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