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Simsbury Public Library: Act Now! To Achieve Your Goals

Simsbury CT, Public Library Presents - Act Now! To Achieve Your Goals.
Many of us set goals. We're driven by high aspirations of a better life with better results. We know that we need to convert our vision into discrete goals that will make our vision a reality. Despite the goals we set, we often find them elusive. No matter what books we've read or training we've attended, there's still something critical we need to do - Take Action! By taking action we begin to move toward our goals rather than standing still and wondering why we have yet to hit them. Taking Action makes things happen. Action is Everything!

In this program, Peter D. Winiarski (Pete), founder and president of Win Enterprises LLC, will describe the power of Daily Actions. The actions we take every day are what add up to great success, not waiting for the right moment to attempt a giant leap. Pete describes the three types of actions to take and how to easily build them into your daily routine.

Published on Oct 18, 2013